Kyudojo Frankfurt beim Neujahrsschießen 2018

Our club was founded at the beginning of the 80’s as a group within the PSV Grün-Weiß Frankfurt e.V.. The Kyudojo Frankfurt e.V. got established as a independent club on November 1, 1989. It has more than 100 members and is one of the largest Kyudo clubs in Germany. Right now we have nine coaches who take care about training and education. In our club both Heki-Ryu Insai-ha as well as modern ANKF Shomen are tought, both with the same level of profiency and in harmony.

We actively hold courses, seminars and organize championships on a national and international level. In 2009, on behalf of the European Kyudo Federation, our club hosted international seminars and Dan examinations for 750 participants in Frankfurt. In 2017 we were the host of the European championship and in 2018 the internationl Heki Taikai took place in Frankfurt too.

In order to promote Kyudo and our club we take part in events like the German Gymnastics Festival in 2009, Main Matsuri, the Hessentag in 2011 and the Museumsuferfest for several years. In 2012, television was also a guest at Kyudojo Frankfurt.

The logo of the Kyudojo Frankfurt am Main

We have chosen a Mon as our club logo. Mon (jap. = sign, emblem) are Japanese symbols, similar to a coat of arms, for a person or group. Most Mon are monochrome and show the stylized representation of a plant or an animal in a bordered circle. Our Mon connects an arrow (view from the cam) with a the heavenly bamboo (lat. Nandina, jap. Nanten). The heavenly bamboo is considered a symbol of happiness. It is an evergreen shrub that also bears small red berries in winter. It is often used in temple gardens in Japan.

Kyudojo Frankfurt am Main Logo