Welcome to Kyudojo Frankfurt am Main e.V.

Kyudo is the art of Japanese archery (Kyu = the bow and Do = the way). It originated from the fighting skills of the samurai and belongs to the “canon of the Budo sports” (besides Judo, Aikido, Kendo, Karate, Iaido, etc.). Kyudo is considered one of the oldest Budo arts.

Our association, the largest in Hesse and one of the largest in Germany, exists since the beginning of the eighties. We count a little more than 100 members, who practice together in the art of archery.

During the training sessions, the correct course of movement is practiced, both by advanced and by beginners. In between, there are always several different aspects of the Kyudo, from individual points of the shooting technique, material knowledge to historical background. Currently nine coaches are active for the club. Courses and competitions at association, state and federal level supplement the club training. As required, beginners’ classes are held, in which the basic principles of Kyudo are taught. Afterwards the beginners participate in the regular training.

In our club ANKF Shomen as well as traditional Heki-Ryu Insai-Ha is taught, both with the same level of profiency and in harmony.